Tukiek Private Resort & Beach, Karimunjawa

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Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Tukiek is a private resort & beach with a small collection of uniquely designed traditional Javanese villas located on a desert island in Karimunjawa in Indonesia. Tukiek resort forms part of one of only 27 islands in this Javanese archipelago. Pulau (island) Menjangan Besar in Karimunjawa has beautiful white beaches, clear tropical waters and palm trees that offer natural shade whilst you sunbathe. If you are looking to relax and unwind in paradise, then Tukiek Resort & Beach is the tropical desert island for you. We cater for those travelling solo, couples and families.

A small collection of traditional Javanese wooden Villas, each with their own unique interior design, that blends the warmth of the old with a touch of the modern. Half indoor, half outdoor private bathrooms to feel at one with nature and fully air-conditioned bedrooms. Island facilities include a beach bar & restaurant serving delicious sea food, organic produce grown on the islands kitchen garden and a mix of local and western cuisine. Pit BBQ's, live music, snorkelling, jet ski, paddleboarding, nature trails, yoga & meditation, fresh water showers, sun lounders, daybeds, evening entertainment including Ibiza Chillout music as the sunsets.

Private Island Rental Available

Ever dreamed about living on a private beach on a tropical island, well now you can. We can organise and supply food, drink and entertainment as per your request. With air conditioned accommodation in stunning traditional Javanese Villas, private beach, bar and restaurant. Includes chef, staff, security and VIP speedboat taxi service from Karimunjawa Pelabuhan. (Minimum booking 3 days)

For further information and to make a booking, contact Chris:

+62 812-2518-2101

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Tukiek Private Resort & Beach

Access to Tukiek Private Resort & Beach is only available by chartered boat. We have partnered up with, Cap'n Chris Karimunjawa Tours, who have exclusive boat access to the Tukiek Private Resort & Beach.

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For further information and to make a booking, contact Chris:

+62 812-2518-2101

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Getting to Karimunjawa

By Air

Dewadaru Airport is located on Kemujan Island in Karimunjawa. Kemujan Island is considered to be a part of Karimun Island as both islands are only separated by a small river and accessible by a bridge. There are direct flights from Semarang (SRG) and Surabaya (SUB) to Karimunjawa (KWB). The distance from Dewadaru Airport to the city centre at Karimun Island is approximately 20km.

By Sea

Boats depart from Jepara and Semarang and sail directly to Karimunjawa.

Boats departing Jepara; one fast (2hrs) and one slow (5hrs)

Boats departing Semarang; one fast (3hrs) and one slow (6hrs)

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Watch Baby Turtles Hatching

Our beach was named Tukiek (Javanese for 'baby turtle') as Green turtles nest and lay their eggs along the shorelines of Menjangan Besar. Between March & October you may be privileged enough to see these eggs hatching and the baby turtles making their way down the beach and then swimming in the shallow waters surrounding the island. This really is a magnificent sight and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For further information and to make a booking, contact Chris:

+62 812-2518-2101

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Whale Shark and Dolphin Spotting

In and around the Tukiek beach front there is world class scuba diving and snorkelling. At certain times of the year you may be lucky enough to spot and swim with whale sharks as they migrate across the Karimunjawa archipelago. Schools of dolphins often swim by our boats as we taxi to and from the port.

The traditional and bustling Javanese island of Karimunjawa, with its major airport, is only a few minutes away by boat.

Tukiek Beach Conservation

Tukiek and Cap'n Chris are actively involved in looking after the very fragile Karimunjawa ecosystems and caring for the Karimun community. This includes conservation and replanting of live coral and mangrove trees and the hatching and releasing of turtles. More recently we have been buying and distributing emergency food and mediacal supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic.